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H.E. Mr. Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohammad
Ambassador of The Sudan to India

H.E. Mr. Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohammad Whether taking inspiration from its glorious past, when thousands of years ago the Kingdom of Merowe was a major political and economic power known to historians as the "Birmingham of Africa" in reference to the flourishing and most advanced iron mining and manufacturing in that ancient kingdom, or whether inspired by its colourful heritage labeled as "The Melting-Pot of African and Middle Eastern Cultures", or its economic potential dubbed by economists as "The Bread-Basket of the World", Sudan enters the 21st century confident in its role and the vitality of its people.

Indeed since times immemorial, the contribution of Sudan to human civilization has been immense and tremendous. The land of Kush and Nubia gave mankind one of its greatest civilizations. A resurgent Sudan is not only blending its glorious history with the present capabilities and abundant resources but equally relies on co-operation based on mutual respect and mutual benefit with the international community, particularly with friendly and sisterly countries. In this context, co-operation with India assumes a particular importance. It is thus an opportunity to renew Sudan's determination and commitment to strengthen and consolidate ties and relations with India in all fields. In doing so, Sudan is not only guided by the commonality of outlook that the two countries have nurtured throughout history, but is also inspired by the affinity and the very special place that India enjoys in the hearts of the Sudanese people.

The relations that so happily exist between Sudan and India are deeply rooted in history and have always been warm and cordial. The common ties of friendship and brotherhood as well as strong bonds of common heritage are further augmented by shared objectives and unique similarities of social and cultural diversities. It is only natural that the two countries and peoples come closer to each other as they did during the struggle against colonialism and Apartheid, and as have been witnessed in their pioneering roles as founders of the Non-Aligned Movement. Firm basis for sound co-operative relations between the two countries have thus been created.

The strong foundation of relations between the two countries is increasingly relevant to the growing bilateral needs of today, as is also relevant to the challenges of current international developments. It is unquestionable that the world is transiting to a new era of globalization in which many of the traditional boundaries have been erased. However, current waves of globalization have brought with them negative effects with far-reaching consequences. In an essentially unequal world, globalization and inter-dependence tend to perpetuate existing imbalances between the haves and the have-nots. The continuation of the imbalances is neither compatible with the universal values of equality and justice, nor conducive to international peace and security, since many of the root causes of conflicts and wars are attributed to imbalances and inequalities between and among states. This is why South-South Cooperation is central. As two of the biggest countries in Asia and Africa, both India and Sudan can give meaning and dynamism to the South-South Co-operation, which has the potential of being a decisive factor in international economic relations.

As Indian business and joint ventures are certainly most welcome to Sudan, there are several factors that make the country an ideal destination for investors and fruitful bilateral co-operation. They include the strategic position of Sudan and its location as a gateway to African, Middle Eastern markets and beyond; the wealth of its resources; the most favourable investment regime and free-trade zones; Sudan's key position in regional cooperation institutions like COMESA. The various agreements on economic, trade, cultural and technical co-operation were signed between Sudan and India, have embodied the renewed determination of the two countries to foster cooperation in all fields.

With the dawn of a new century, giving new dynamism to Indo-Sudanese relations is an imperative. The challenge before us is to make the exchanges and interaction beneficial to their peoples and the wealth of their relations as well as commensurate with the potentialities of the two countries.

On behalf of the Sudan Government and people we welcome you to the web site of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in New Delhi. With its information about Sudan updated to serve you the various interests, we are hopeful that this bridge will even link the visitors with Sudan to the benefit of all.

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