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Sudan - India Foreign Office Consultations Meeting
(Khartoum, 21-23 December 2002)
Press Release

- The Third Session of Sudan - India Foreign Office Consultations was held in Khartoum from 21- 23/12/2002.

- The Sudanese side was headed by H.E. Ambassador Saeed Saad Mahgoub, the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- The Indian side was headed by Secretary for External Affairs H.E. Mr. R.M. Abhyankar. (List of the two delegations is attached).

- Wide range of bilateral, regional and international issues were covered and were conducted in a spirit of brotherhood and in the context of the friendly relations which happily exist between the two countries.

- The two sides expressed satisfaction for the progress achieved in the implementation of the agreements signed during the Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting in Khartoum in April 2000, and hailed the progress so far achieved in bilateral relations in all fields and pledged to further enhance ties and exchanges especially in the field of trade and investments for the benefit of both countries. They also agreed that the next session of the Joint Ministerial Commission at the level of Foreign Ministers will be held in New Delhi in March - April 2003.

- The Indian side welcomed the improvement and normalization of Sudan's external relations, especially with neighbouring Arab and African countries.

- The Indian side hailed the efforts of the Sudanese Government in order to achieve peace and stability in Sudan, and welcomed the ongoing peace negotiations.

- The two sides recognized the need for stability, peace and development in the African continent and hailed the recent positive peace developments in various African regions. They also emphasized the importance of the emergence of the African Union and praised the recent regional and international initiatives for the economic and social development of Africa like NEPAD.

- The Sudanese side hailed the Indian engagement and commitment to development and stability in Africa and praised the ever-growing relations between India and Africa.

- The two sides expressed their concern over the situation in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, and called for negotiated and peaceful settlements in accordance with relevant UN resolutions on Iraq and the Middle East.

- The two sides hailed the existing support and coordination by each country to the other in international and regional organization.

- The two sides exchanged views on various international and regional issues, especially the threat of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and called for strict adherence by all countries to UNSCR 1373 reiterating their common resolve to combat this global menace. They called on Non aligned Movement at its next summit to address issues of humanitarian and other interventions and the negative impact of globalization on developing countries.

- The two sides shared identical views on the need for democratization and justice in international relations and called for restructuring and reform of the Security Council and other U.N. Organs. They agreed that their delegations will coordinate closely at the U.N. They also reiterated paramount importance to South - South cooperation.

- The Indian delegation welcomed the request forwarded by Sudan government for membership as dialogue partner in the Indian Ocean Rim Organization, and Agreed to assist Sudan in the process towards its accession to the WTO.

- The two sides agreed that the Fourth Session of Foreign Office Consultations Meeting be held in New Delhi in the last quarter of the year 2003.

- The leader of the Indian delegation called on H.E. the Minister of foreign affairs and H.E. the Minister of Energy and Mining.

- The Indian delegation expressed its gratitude for the hospitality extended by the Sudanese side during their visit to Khartoum.

Khartoum : 23 December 2002

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