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Press Statement
From Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the visit if UN Secretary-General Special Envoy Ali Brahimi to Sudan

Some news agencies have suggested what might be understood as a dispute between the Government of the Sudan and the UN delegation led by Lakhdar Brahimi, Secretary-General's Special Envoy, over the outcome of his visit to Sudan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would herby like to clarify that the two parties have agreed on the following.

1. The UN and the AU will send a joint team comprising UN and AU senior officials to consult with the Government of the National Unity on the role the UN may play in supporting the implementation of Darfur Peace Agreement.

2. The Joint team will commence its mission by engaging in a detailed and wide-ranging discussions with officials in Khartoum, and would then visit Darfur to assess the additional needs of the AU Mission in the Sudan which needs to be strengthened immediately to take the responsibility of the first phase of facilitating the implementation of the D.P.A.

The team will also assess the requirements for a possible transition from the AU to the UN, and would then return for further consultations with officials in Khartoum, before reporting back to the Secretary-General and the Chairman of the AU.

The Mission would be undertaken without prejudging future decisions that the Government of National Unity, the AU and the UN might take on this issue.

3. The visit of the Joint Team constitutes an important step within the framework of the continuous cooperation between the Government of the Sudan and the international community in their joint efforts to establish peace, stability and prosperity in the Sudan.

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