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Discharging its noble tasks, Settlement of Disputes and enhancement of Justice are some of the top concerns, prime objectives and noble constitutional duties of the Judiciary. The Judiciary has given those sacred duties priority and great care in the various states of Sudan. That is why its organs pay frequent visits to those states. And in this context I visited last week with some Judges and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice the three Darfur states to inspect the judicial performance in particular and that of Justice in general and consider seriously the complaints related to the offensive on the lives, properties and honour of people there. After listening to the reports of the Heads of the Judicial organs and officials from other justice and executive bodies on the above-mentioned complaints and which are being examined by the judges now, I deem it fit and appropriate to establish a specialized court headed by a judge from the Supreme Court who has experience in Judicial and Legal work for nearly half a century with membership of the judges of the court of appeal who also have experience and expertise in the judiciary in order to look into those complaints and others which may be referred to it by investigation committees. A lady judge of the court of Appeal has also been appointed as a member to settle some complaints whose nature required such appointment. I issued a decree that set up a Criminal court (High Court as legally known in the Sudan) to be specialized in Darfur Events, and has been entrusted with powers to settle any complaint brought before it and relates to violation of the honour of people or killing or spilling of blood or looting or damaging of property. It will start the discharges of its duties in this week and has been given freedom of movement in Darfur and its Headquarters shall be in all three Darfur States. We underline that Sudan Judiciary continues to live up to its commitment and is capable, willing and serious to bear its full responsibility to administer Justice and restore the Rights of citizens without favouritism, fear or influence so that whoever commits crimes should not escape punishment whatsoever his/her position or little may be.

Jalal Eldin Mohamed Osman
Chief Justice
And Head of the Supreme Court.

11th June, 2005.

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