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Within the framework of the Sudan's Government commitment to the realization of peace and tranquility in the war-affected areas in the country, the President of the Republic, H.E. Omar Hassan Ahmad Albashir, has issued a Political Declaration consolidating previous and on-going efforts towards the peaceful resolution of conflict in Darfur. Salient features of the Political Declaration are as follows:

(1) Declaration of a nationwide campaign to mobilize and enhance security and stability, and the disarming of all rebellious groups and militias, along with stopping their infiltration into neighbouring Chad.

(2) The Judicial organs in Darfur shall establish, and as a matter of urgency, offices of prosecuting attorney and courts to try and punish robbery bandits and gangsters.

(3) To ensure the prevalence of security at the local and state levels, appropriate police forces shall be deployed to protect the municipalities and ensure return of displaced citizens to their villages.

(4) All Ministries, and in particular, the Agriculture and Finance Ministries, are instructed to make available required seeds and agriculture inputs for the success of the current farming season.

(5) All concerned Ministries are instructed to implement contingency development programmes and provision of basic services under the direct supervision of the Federal Cabinet.

(6) All Governmental and non-Governmental organizations are called upon to intensify their humanitarian campaign to enable return of the displaced, and the provision of food, medicine and shelter.

(7) All citizens, and in particular in the Darfur States, are urged to intensify efforts towards cementing the social fabric, promote solidarity and home-grown initiatives, and the holding of an all-encompassing and comprehensive conference that will address all issues pertaining to the development and stability of Darfur.

With a view to ensure access to the needy population and the provision of humanitarian assistance, the Government has also issued directives to that end as follows:

(1) To grant aid workers from various organizations, including the U.N., Red Cross, and NGOs, direct entry visas from Sudan missions abroad within forty-eight hours of application. The visas will be valid for three months.

(2) To suspend the current system of travel permits required to travel to Darfur for three months. In its place the Government will require only that the aid workers have entry visas and provide the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs with their names and itineraries.

(3) To keep working on facilitating other procedures that will guarantee the delivery of the equipment and supplies needed for humanitarian work in Darfur.

While the Government of Sudan wishes that the international community takes note of these measures, it is its firm conviction that the Sudanese people are capable of solving all differences in the best spirit of their Unity in diversity.

25th June, 2004

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