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Statement on Chad

Dated: 21 December, 2005

In a renewed escalation by Chad of its median campaign against the Sudan, and its accusation of the Sudan of supporting the the Canadian armed opposition groups. The Foreign Minister of Chad renewed these accusations in remarks he made in December 20th, 2005.

The Sudan strongly refutes these baseless accusations which neither serve the purposes of promoting the bilateral relations with Chad, nor contribute to the stability of the region and the positive interaction and peaceful coexistence between the populations inhabiting the areas along the borders. The Sudan, which maintains good relations with all its neighbors, does not intervene in the internal affairs of other neighboring countries. Sudan has demonstrated its seriousness in preventing the activities of the Chadian opposition group, which have infiltrated boarders, whereby they have been disarmed, and those who refused to down their arms have been pursued, resulting in the martyrdom of many of the Sudan Armed Forces. The Sudan reiterates its inalienable rights to defend and protect its soil and to maintain the security of its people in the face of any threats emanating from the recent escalation by Chad. Furthermore, the Sudan categorically and unequivocally rejects these baseless accusations and call upon Chad to exercise restraint and let reason prevail. Sudan's channel of communication with Chad will remain open for the exchange of a healthy constructive dialogue to address these accusations and any concern, and effort which will help enhance and promote the bilateral relations in all aspects, for the and future.


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