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Sudan - Libya Joint Communique Sirte, Libya - 18th January 2006

Sudanese President Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir and Libyan Leader Muamar Al-Gadafi held talks on Wednesday 18th January at Sirte town in Libya.

The two Leaders reviewed African issues which will be tackled at the AU Khartoum Summit on 23rd and 24th of this month.

Both Leaders agreed to join and exert efforts to further consolidate brotherly relations, cooperation and good neighbourliness between Sudan and Chad. The two sides further agreed to continue discussing outstanding issues, and in this context, it was agreed that the Libyan Leader will continue his efforts to ensure the normalization of relations between Sudan and Chad.

The two sides discussed the issue of Darfur and the Libyan Leader reiterated his determination and commitment to work closely with the African Union in his capacity as the Chair of the Summit of the five-member states dealing with the issue of Darfur, to reach a speedy settlement of the conflict in Darfur in the context of the unity of the Sudan and respect of the previously signed agreements between the parties.

The two Leaders emphasized that the African Union should continue to deal with the Darfur issue without any outside intervention.

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