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Khartoum; 9th February,2004


You have closely followed the regrettable events that look place in Darfur States in the last few months. The events were clear infringement of law which caused disastrous losses in human life, private and public property. The Government has undertaken its full duties and responsibilities through decisive auction in the face of these events, and managed to restore security and protect human life and property. The Armed Forces with other Regular Forces and Popular Defense Forces, through commendable efforts and distinguished performance, managed to curb the violence and restore law and order.

Based on the above, I have the pleasure to announce the following :-

First: The end of the main military operations, now that the Armed Forces are in full control of all the theatres, and that they shall remain on the alert and readiness to deter any armed insurgency; in defense of human life, property and maintaining public security and order.

Second: An amnesty for those who took arms against the State, provided they hand-in their weapons to the nearest military or police unit, within one month, starting this day. The Ministry of Justice shall take prompt necessary actions accordingly.

Third: An immediate commencement of handling the humanitarian conditions involving the Internally Displaced Persons and those affected by the events. A quick action plan is to be established with the aim of reconstructing and resettling the IDPs into their villages and nomadic habitats.

Fourth: Opening the corridors for National and International Organizations to deliver relief for the needy.

Fifth : Relevant Government offices are to start immediate contacts with the Higher Commissions for Refugees and the Government of Chad, to arrange for the return of those citizens who took refuge in Chad.

Sixth : All Federakl Ministries and Institutions are directed to continue work in the development and service projects within the comprehensive development plan in cooperation with the State Governments.

Seventh : The Armed Forces and the Security Organs are directed to take the necessary arrangements to control the possession of weapons, and collect them from citizens and groups throughout Darfur, so that weapons are placed under their direct control and supervision.

Eighth : The establishment of a National Committee to restore the social fabric, peaceful coexistence, reconciliation and to contribute in rallying popular efforts to participate in the resettlement process. The Committee shall comprise tribal chiefs, sophists confreres, civil society organizations and political forces.

Ninth : In assurance of the Government's responsibility towards partnership and consultation, I invite all the sons of Darfur, as represented in their various formations, to attend an all-inclusive conference on development, peace and coexistence in Darfur. Pariticipation is open for all without exclusion even of those who are covered by the amnesty declared in this announcement. Here, I declare the Government's sponsorship of the conference and the realization of its resulting recommendations and resolutions.

I extend my wholehearted greetings and gratitude to all the citizens Darfur, their social and tribal leaders who have distanced themselves from violence and war and committed themselves to law and justice. Their postive stance has facilitated the Government's task in restoring order and security and put an end to the insurgence. Here I also record with appreciation the valuable contribution and the lofty national response by the business community, Federal Ministries and States, incorporated in participating in the relief for and alleviating harm off their brethrens in Darfur. I would like to express with honour and appreciation my thankfulness for the immense role performed by H.E. President Idriss Deby, The President of the Republic of Chad; which is a genuine embodiment of the good relations and neighbourhood. The People of Sudan will safeguard this role with gratitude and acknowledgement. I also extend my gratitude to the regional and international public opinion and community for the interest they have shown and the contribution they have made to handle the humanitarian situation.

Dear Brothers,
Our country is looking forward to a comprehensive peace, and it is my hope that it will result in the well-beign and prosperity for the whole country. I renew my call on all particularly the sons of Darfur, to join their efforts to attain peace and prosperity.

May God safeguard peace in our land and assist us in maintaining overall security and justice.

I thank you

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