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1ST International Investment & Trade Conference

One-Window Service ; The investment Authority
The recent creation of Ministry of Investment reflects the State's commitment to promoting private sector investment. The Ministry has made great
efforts to prepare the infrastructure for investment by simplifying procedures and unifying them into a One-Window service and by creating new laws and regulations which protect investor's rights.

The Investment Authority is empowered to work towards creating an ideal investment climate obstacles that might hinder such investments. It designs encouraging investment policies, simplifies procedures for investors, issues licenses for investment project and guarantees to follow up on the actual execution of the proposed projects, prepares investment maps and saves the investors the trouble of data collecting by providing them with all the necessary information and statistics. The Authority also follows up on all the procedures of the investment license at the various government departments on behalf of the investor.

The Investment Authority enjoys close relations and co-operates with local, regional and international corporations and organizations concerned with investment such as:
  1. The Arab Organization for Investment Guarantee
  2. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  3. The International Investment Guarantee Agency
  4. Other Arab, Islamic, African and international organizations in which Sudan is a member

Contact Information : The Ministry of Investment, Republic of Sudan

The Ministry of Investment
Investment Authority
Khartoum, Sudan
P.O. Box 6286
Tel.: (11-249) 787-193, 787-194, 787-195
Fax : (11-249) 797-192, 797-199
Email: [email protected]


In addition to high-level presentations and panel discussions on the business and investment climate in Sudan, the Forum will facilitate networking, one-to-one meetings and interaction between local companies and foreign investors / partners to explore more than 100 specific project and investment opportunities which are currently being identified and screened for presentation at the Forum.

One-on-One Meetings and Site-Visits

Participants will have the opportunity to conduct site/field visits to various projects and ample time will be provided for formal and informal one-on-one business meetings in order to discuss the identified project opportunities.
Exclusive rooms for match making projects/ entrepreneurs seeking investment and partners for specific industry and sector will be available, and in addition Government officials, representatives of the Sudanese Businessmen's Association, the Chamber of Commerce and other public/ private sector organizations will be available for consultations on tax, banking regulations, investments, securities and exchange regulations, regulatory consultation and other related areas to provide sector specific data, reports and expert local guidance.

Match Making Services will include:

  1. · One-to-one pre-scheduled meetings.
  2. · Exclusive sessions with interested buyers/sellers.
  3. · Presentation services.
  4. · Pre-Conference briefings and pre-qualification of both the Sudanese projects/products/ businesses and the international investors/ partners/ buyers.
  5. · Consulting room facilities with extensive Audio-Visual equipment for presentations.
  6. · Guided tours for foreign delegates.
  7. · A 'Country Presentation Room' will be available for country delegations visiting to highlight their countries and the opportunities available.

The 1999 Investment Act

The 1999 Investment Act is the legal basis for investments. It eases procedures in handling investment affairs, and encourages investment and economic development in Sudan, particularly in the rural areas. The legislation encourages investment in the agricultural, industrial, mining, transport, tourism, warehousing, housing, contracting and basic services sectors. The investment Act also grants the investors additional privileges and tax holidays if their projects are among those that realize the objectives of the State development plans.

Incentives for Investment

  1. 1. 10 years exemption from business profit taxes
  2. 2. Tax and export duties reduction for finished and semi-finished products as well as further duties and tax reductions during a tax-exemption period.
  3. 3. Total or partial exemption from Customs and Excise or any other duties on imports related to the project's requirements.
  4. 4. Production and consumption tax-cuts.
  5. 5. Projects concerning food security, mining, investments in the less developed areas, housing, medicines, clothing, and the promotion of export capabilities, or those that create job opportunities, help in redistribution of wealth, provide local alternatives to basic imports, utilize local raw materials for their inputs, or which re-invest their profits, are granted additional tax and preferential privileges.

Protection of Investments

1. Foreign investors may transfer their profits and initial financing costs or debts provided that all the legally binding commitments pertaining to the project are met and settled.
2. Import of project-related raw materials is exempt from the restrictions of the importers-exporters register.
3. Freedom of movement, residence or transfer of the project's expatriate employees is guaranteed in accordance with the prevailing laws.

Guarantees Relating to Investments

  1. 1. The investor's project is immune to nationalisation or confiscation
  2. 2. The project's funds shall not be frozen, confiscated, provisionally seized or sequestrated unless unless there is a warrant issued by a Court for taking such a step.
  3. 3. Any estates owned by the project cannot be expropriated whether in wholly or partially except for the common cause in accordance with the law. In such a case, the investor is fully compensated on the basis of the market price of the estate.
  4. 4. Remittance of invested capital in its currency or currencies of origin, in case the
  5. Project has not started, or in case the project is liquidated or disposed of wholly or partially, is guaranteed provided that all legally-binding commitments are met.
  6. 5. Sudan is one of the signatories to several international and regional organisations
  7. concerned with investor protection.


  1. 2. The Saukin Free-Trade Zone, located a the town of Saukin in the Eastern State, Incorporates a free-port, the Osman Digna Port located on the Red Sea.
  2. 3. The Al Gaili Free-Trade Zone is located 60 km north of Khartoum. The zone will ultimately cover 20 sq. km, and is located within reach of to the country's main oil refinery and the active business and industrial communities in Khartoum. The zone is a prime location for engaging in a number of Sudan's strongest sectors.
  3. 4. Bonded warehouses are permitted in all parts of the country.
Invest in Sudan

With its stable political system, newly and extensively liberalized economy, constantly improving infrastructure and abundant natural resources, Sudan has become a wide-open market and an attractive investment and business base in East Africa. The Government of Sudan is fully committed to opening up the economy for private sector development as a pillar for economic growth and a means to strengthen the country's position as an investment and trade hub.

Priority is being given to attracting and supporting foreign direct investment appropriate to the country's needs and resources and offering sustainable benefits to its population and environment. The opportunities are enomous and the Sudanese government is offering the private sector unprecedented access to investment projects together with simplified "One Window Service" project approvals.

Sudan Investment Forum

Who Will Attend The Forum ?

  1. Academics

  2. Bankers

  3. Business and trade associations

  4. Consultants

  5. Crdit Agencies

  6. Embassy Officials

  7. Equity Managers

  8. Exporters

  9. Government Officials

  10. Industry Experts

  11. International Organisations

  12. Investment and development banks

  13. Legal representatives

  14. Local business representatives

  15. Manufacturers

  16. NGOs Project financing institutions

  17. Trade financiers

Conference Language

The conference will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic. Arrangements will also be made to provide translation facilities during workshop sessions.

Hotel Reservations And Accommodations

Through the Sudanese Tourist Information Office arrangements have been made with various hotels on granting special room rates for the participants of the conference. The Hotel Reservation Form should be filled-in and directly faxed to the Sudanese Tourist Information Office for reservations of rooms, with a copy of international Event Partners.


All participants except Sudanese nationals will require a pre-issued Entry Visa to enter Sudan.

On receipt of the completed Registration Form along with registration fee, the Investment Authority will issue a Visa recommendation letter to the participants for obtaining an Entry Visa from and Embassy of Sudan or an accredited Consulate abroad. In consideration of time needed for processing and convenience it is recommended that participants allow at least one month for the issuance of the visa. Entry visas are never issued on arrival in Sudan.

Participants who do not have a Sudanese Diplomatic Mission in their Countries should send the completed Visa Applications Form with a copy of their passport, two photographs and a copy of their recommendation letter to the Investment Authority at the address listed above by courier. in this case participants should allow at lest 6 weeks for Visa processing.

Organizers & Contract Details

IEP is a leading International exhibition and conference organizers which focuses on org