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International Fair of Khartoum 15-25 Jan 2004

1. Exhibitors: Being a general trade fair, the International Fair of Khartoum is open to official government participation as well as foreign and local exhibitors representing both the private and public sectors in addition to agencies of foreign companies in Sudan.

2. Exhibits:- A very wide spectrum of exhibits is allowed. The Organizers, however, reserve the right to object to any exhibit which may endanger public safety and health or damage to the exhibition facilities.

3. Application for participation:- All applications for participation shall be made on the attached application form which shall be submitted to the Organizers or their authorized representative. Submission of the form shall be taken by the Exhibitor as confirmation of participation of the terms of contract.

4. Allocation of Exhibition space:- Space is normally allocated according to the nature of exhibits, and every effort is made by the Organizers to accommodate exhibitors wishes. But should circumstances demand, the Organizers shall have the right to change the area and location of any stand at any time.

5. Use of Exhibition space:- An Exhibitor shall first seek the written consent of the Organizers before making any changes to his stand. He also needs such consent if he wants to sub-let or assign his stand to a third party. The Exhibitor shall pay the cost of any damage which he may cause to exhibition facilities.

- Unless an advance arrangement is made with the organizer, the exhibitor shall refrain from the following:-

1- Applying any paint to the walls of the pavilion or the stand construction materials.
2- Fixing screws, or adhesives on any part of construction equipment like the octonorm pillars and panels.
3- Digging the floor of any of the pavilions or making holes in any part of the exhibition's ground
4- Fixing promotional posters to the roof or wall constructions of the pavilion to dangle freely on the space above the stands and corridors.
5- Using extra electric supply for operation of numerous electric equipment, chandeliers or the like.
6- Utilization of forklift is not allowed for handling inside Pavilions NoL (1) & (2).
6. Terms of payment:- 1- 35% of the fees to be paid upon delivery of the signed (participation form) to the organizer. The reservation of exhibiting space indicated in the participation form cannot be confirmed prior to payment of this percentage of fees.
2- The balance must be paid at least one month prior to the opening date of the exhibition.
3- No exhibitor will be allowed to begin activity in the stand booked under his name prior to payment of the full participation fees.
4- Cheques shall be made payable to:
The Sudanese free Zones & Markets Co. Ltd. Account No. 1524 Sudanes French Bank - Main Branch - Kassr Street - Khartoum

7. Breach of Contact and withdrawal by Exhibitor:- Once the contract - the participation form - is signed and an advance payment is made, no claim for refund will be entertained except under very special circumstances and for reasons acceptable to Organizers.

8. Changes:- The organizers reserve the right to change the date and duration of the exhibition provided that such changes are made at least one month prior to the original date of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any claim for compensation in connection with his reservation for participation.

9. Movement of Exhibits:- Exhibitors shall bear the responsibility and expense for transport of exhibits to the exhibition venue. Exhibitors shall make their own arrangements for storage and warehousing of their exhibits. The Exhibitor shall hand back the stand allotted to him in the same condition as he has received it within fourteen days following the closing of the fair, and shall indemnify the Organizers against any loss by reason of the delay or damage to the Exhibition hall.

10. Security:- The Organizers shall take all security precaution necessary to protect exhibitors and visitors and their belongings. However, the Organizers shall not be held responsible for loss of any item or exhibit at the Exhibition hall or sites. The Organizers shall - on written request - provide the Exhibitor, at his own cost with private security day and night for his stand.

11. Technical Services:- The Organizers supply Exhibitor with such basic sevices as water, electricity, general cleaning and security. Exhibitors wishing to have extra services should fill and submit the attached services form to the Organizers. Extra services will be charged at prevailing rates.

12. Arrival of Exhibits:- a- The exhibits consigned by sea shall arrive at port Sudan thirty days before the date of inauguration of the Exhibition and exhibits consigned by air shall arrive at Khartoum Air port two weeks before the date.

b- In addition to the origin, eight copies of each of the following documents shall be sent to the Organizers:-

1- The packing list of every parcel
2- Invoices of the goods C&F. Port of consignment.
3- The list of goods which will be given as gifts or allotted for promotional Distribution
4- Certificates or origin.
5- Quality standard & health certificates
13. Consignment Document:- a- All consignment documents and invoices shall be addressed to the Organizers.
b- Exhibitors shall fix the labels of the Exhibition emblem sent to them by the Organizers on all exhibits whether consigned by sea or air.
c- The Organizers shall be responsible for the transport at the exhibits from Port Sudan and Khartoum Airport of the Exhibition grounds and back.
d- The Exhibitor shall pay for the transport of his exhibits from and to port Sudan and Khartoum Airport in case of re-export in accordance with the prevailing tariff the said tariff will be communicated to the Exhibitors in due Couse.
e- The Exhibitor shall insure his exhibits against fire, theft, damage and loss. The insurance policy shall be valid and covered from place of origin to the Exhibition grounds and in case of re-export shall cover the return journey.

14. Custom The fair ground is a custom area, and exhibits shall be released in accordance with the following classifications:-

a- Exhibits for show only.
b- Exhibits to be sold in bond or direct to the public (approval to be obtained Beforehand).
Incase of re-export:-
a. Re-export license shall be arranged from Ministry of Foreign Trade. b. The license has to be approved by the Customs Department at the Exhibition.

15. Clearning, Transporting & Handling:- a- The Organizers are the sole agency authorized to clear, transport and handle the exhibits.
b- All remaining exhibits will be dealt with in accordance with bond act and system.
c- Clearing, handling and transport charges from the port of destination to the Exhibition ground shall be paid in hard currency if the Exhibitor has an authorized agent in Sudan.
16. Exhibition Catalogue & Pblicity:- a- The Organizers shall prepare free of charge a catalogue for the Exhibition listing all business data and profiles of Exhibitors and their exhibits, in English & Arabic.
b- Any Exhibitor wishing to advertise in the Exhibition catalogue shall fill and submit the attached relevant form.
c- Arrangement for advertising in the local media shall be made with the Organizers according to the prevailing rates.

17. Distribution of Literature: Promotional literature shall not be distributed inside pavilions unless approved by the Organizers.

18. Loud Speakers:- Loud speakers shall not be installed inside the pavilions.

19. Supplementary Clause:- Whenever necessary, the Organizers shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those above to ensure the smooth management of the Exhibition. Any additional written regulation and / or instructions shall form part of these terms of contract, and shall be binding on the Exhibitors.

20. Correspondences:- All correspondences concerning the Exhibition shall be addressed to the organizers at the following address:-
The Sudanese Free Zones & Markets Co. Ltd
Fairs & Conferences Department
Tel: 00249-11-260927-00249-11-263624
Fax: 00249-11-263637
Website: www. Sudanfiars.com
E.mail: Sudanfairs&Sudanmail.net

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